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🌟 The Wealth Affect is Hiring 🌟

Calling all Back-office Superstars and Administration Allrounders – The Wealth Affect wants to speak with you!

Position: Back-office / administration support

Reporting to: You will report directly to, and work closely with the Senior Financial Adviser (Myers-Briggs ISTJ – likely compatible with ENTP / ENFP, millennial male with a young family) – personality compatibility will be a consideration.

Hours: 15 – 23 hours per week (2 – 3 days per week) permanent part-time (work hours very flexible)

Location: Dubbo – open to flexible and remote work options

Pay Rate: Initially $22.67 – $32.01 per hour as per the Award. Pay rate to be reviewed following probation (or earlier at the discretion of the Financial Adviser for the right candidate)

Award: Banking, Finance, and Insurance Award (MA000019)

What are we about?

⭐ High-quality, technically strong, financial advice for our clients

⭐ Efficiency, accuracy, and consistency

⭐ Going above and beyond for our clients

What can we offer?

⭐ A fulfilling role that had the ability to change over time to your interest and skills

⭐ The flexibility of the work/life balance you are looking for! Weekly hours, days, and business hours are open to negotiation. Having a young family, we understand the need to adapt our work to fit around our home life. School hours or work from home (once confident in the role and able to work efficiently unsupervised) are on offer to the right applicant. While some client interaction will likely be part of the role, the ability to work outside standard 9 – 5 business hours can be discussed.

⭐ The right tools for the job! it is already hard enough to drag yourself to work each day as it is, so making sure you are equipped with the right equipment to be comfortable and efficient is a top priority! Ergonomic chairs, mice, keyboards, sit/stand desks, and regularly upgraded computers with multiple/large screens are standard (we will even let you pick your own).

⭐ Generous remuneration! While we are advertising this role at the Award pay rate during probation, we are big believers in paying people what they are worth! We aim to attract and retain the right people for the long term, and ensuring they are paid for their hard work and dedication is a must!

⭐ No BS ‘reasonable overtime’! Sick of busting a$$ for an employer and working additional hours that no one pays you for using the ‘reasonable overtime’ excuse (but the second you do less than your contracted hours they come knocking without hesitation)? Not on! Granted, there may be times when a deadline or excessive workload (like heading into the End of Financial Year) will present situations where some extra hours would be very much appreciated – but not at your expense! Time in lieu (or potentially paid overtime) will be available for those situations.

⭐ Training and education – find some training or a course that you think will help you in your role? We are happy to discuss options to facilitate this, whether it be financial assistance, reimbursement, or time off to study, we are big on making sure our clients have access to skilled and knowledgeable staff (just check out the letters after our names!)

⭐ Additional leave entitlements! Money isn’t everything – time is more important. To help with that, in addition to the Award entitlements, we are offering:

  • Birthday Leave: Nobody wants to work on their birthday (and we don’t expect you to).
  • Christmas break on us: Sick of wasting a large portion of your annual leave on the Christmas break? Don’t stress, we will provide paid leave between Christmas and New Year so you can enjoy the time with your loved ones without compromising throughout the year!
  • 2 ‘Doona Days’ a year: Never heard of a ‘Doona Day’ – look it up! For those days that going to work just isn’t your jam (Just like chucking a sickie without the guilt😊).

⭐ What do you want? We aim to build a package that our staff want – tell us what matters most to you (higher wages, flexible working conditions, and RDO each month), and we will work to find a balance that works for everyone!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a part-time staff member to support our back-office operations. We have a rapidly expanding client base, with referrals coming from existing clients, other professionals, and other Financial Advisers faster than we can handle.

Day to day, we expect the duties of the role to include:

💻Updating and maintaining client records across various platforms (all training provided)

💻 Managing upcoming client work, including gathering information and research for reviews, preparing forms and documents, and booking/liaising with clients around meeting times.

💻Assisting in identifying documentable business processes, drafting or testing SoPs, and being instrumental in building a process manual for the business

💻Preparing client communications (such as monthly newsletters), creating, and updating website content, and helping to create business collateral (such as client fact sheets, business templates, and inhouse calculators and processes)

💻Helping us streamline our processes so we can spend less time on paperwork and more time helping our clients

💻Back office projects, such as researching and implementing new systems or client engagement initiatives (we have a list, but don’t have the time).

💻Completing basic product and investment comparisons and modelling for the Financial Adviser

💻Preparing draft versions of Financial Advice documents (under instruction from the Financial Adviser)

💻Plus much more as your skills and competencies develop!

The successful candidate would have:

✅ High levels of computer literacy and typing ability (typing test results may be supplied with an application)

✅ Excellent English, grammar, and punctuation skills (desirable applications will be tested on this before an interview)

✅ Above average Microsoft Office skills – specifically Microsoft Word (formatting and efficiency) and Microsoft Excel (ability to use a wide range of formulas and functions); (desirable applications will be tested on this before an interview)

✅ Good with numbers (really a given for the business)

✅ Well-spoken and presented with a professional tone

✅ Reliable, hardworking, and willing to adapt to the changing role over time

Bonus Points:

✅ Advanced Microsoft Office skills – specifically Microsoft Word (such as understanding and use of Macros or VBA Coding) and Microsoft Excel (such as nesting functions, understanding and use of Macros or VBA Coding); (desirable applications will be tested on this before an interview)

✅ Experience in the Financial Planning industry (or a related discipline, such as accounting or law)

✅ Prior or current study in the areas of business, accounting, or finance

Career pathways:

Depending on what you are looking for, there may be options to move into a dedicated advice implementation role, train as a paraplanner, or even pursue a career as a Financial Adviser. We are rapidly expanding our current business and will require the right people in the right roles.

If you could fill the above role, we would love to hear from you! All discussions and applications will be strictly confidential (no, we will not call your current employer for a reference – poor form 🙄).

Feel free to message us or email your resume (to death with cover letters) and anything else we should know to shane@thewealthaffect.com.au

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