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At The Wealth Affect, our experienced Financial Advisers are able to provide you with assistance and advice in a wide range of areas. Having a plan in place with the right strategies, and expert assistance to implement these plans is the key to meeting your financial goals!

Other Services

in addition to the above, we provide our clients with a range of additional services

As Financial Advisers, it isn’t always about the complex strategies and the right products. Often our clients need access to expert knowledge and skills to assist them in other areas, such as understanding the costs of running their small business, selling some shares, or seeing what their situation may look like in 10 years or at retirement – all areas where we can assist!

Are you a small business operator who wants to spend more time helping your client and less time working on the financial side of your business? We help our small business operators understand the financial aspects of running a small business. Frequent queries and assistance include should you be registered for GST, how much can you pay yourself, how to manage ongoing personal tax liabilities and GST payments, and what to do about superannuation.

Looking to sell some shares and don’t know where to start? We provide a range of administrative assistance services, allowing you to utilise our expert knowledge and experience in ‘getting it done’ even when you don’t needs advice.

Want to know what impact purchasing an investment property or making superannuation contributions will have on your cashflow and tax liabilities over time? We are able to provide financial projections on a range of scenarios to assist you in making the right decisions.

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