Client Referral Program

While there is a huge demand for Financial Advice, finding the right client is always a challenge. Who better to point prospective clients in the right direction than our existing clients!

Why are we starting a referral program?

While we meet with many prospective clients each year, finding the right fit is always a challenge.

When we look at our ideal client, our existing clients tend to be a wonderful fit to that model, so who better to help us find new people so that we can help improve their financial situation.

Many of our new clients already come via referral (either through existing clients, other professionals, or other Financial Advisers who do not have the capacity to take on new clients) – we believe it is time to start thanking them for the referral. After all, knowing that someone has referred their friends or family to us is a testament to how our existing clients feel about the help and assistance we provide them (you don’t refer to someone who isn’t providing a service you are happy with!)

Who is our ideal client

While this can be a hard question, generally our idea clients are anyone that we can provide Financial Advice to that would make a meaningful difference to their current and long term situation. This can include:

  • Young families looking to get their financial situation in order and make sure they are on track
  • People heading towards retirement and are wanting to ensure they are on track and making the most of their money
  • People transitioning into retirement who are unsure of how to strucutre their incoem and assets moving forward
  • People who are dealing with Centrelink and require assistance ensuring they are receiving the benefits they are entitled to, while also working to maximise these benefits
  • People in retirement who want to ensure their funds are lasting as long as possible
  • People who are needing advice around entering Aged Care (for themselves or their loved ones)
  • Plus many more…..

TIP: If you are an existing client, and feel we have provided you with great value and advice, then people like you are likely a great fit! Think about your current social circles – there are likely people you know well that would benefit from our advice.

What is in it for you?

While the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone close to you get valuable advice is a reward in itself, we would also like to say ‘Thank You’ for referring clients our way – after all, the level of trust and comfort referred clients have when they walk in the door makes our job so much easier moving forward!

Under our referral program, we will sending our existing clients a $50 Gift Voucher (to a provider of your choice) for every successful referral we receive.


A successful referral is anyone referred that:

  • Received personal financial advice requiring a Statement of Advice to be provided as part of our service.
  • Referred to Shane Harris at The Wealth Affect (wholistic advice)
  • Referred from 1 January 2023

For anyone who has referred a new client to us since 1 January 2023, we will be reaching out over the coming weeks about providing your referral gift. As we are still in the process of implementing a system around this program, some referrals may not have been recorded – if you believe you meet the above criteria, but have not heard from us, please feel free to contact us directly.

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